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Stolen from Tomorrow releases next week (!!) so I thought it only polite to introduce you to the main characters. And while we’re at it, to some of the themes you can expect from the Trust Trilogy.

Ravi Abhiramnew grew up knowing that there very well could be a monster under his bed, along with half a dozen different ways to kill it. He’s lived in Tamil Nadu, London, and currently Atlanta Georgia. More comfortable on the battlefield than he is in a conversation, Ravi is used to keeping his true self hidden, and everyone around him at arm’s length. Beneath his thorny exterior, he’s a dedicated, good-hearted person longing for connection.

Cayenne [last name unknown] was born in the year [unknown] in [unknown location] and discovered their innate ability to travel freely through time at age [unkown]. Never revealing anything incriminating about themself, Cayenne is a perpetual mystery, and that’s just the way they like it. Here’s what we do know:

  • Enigmatic them-fatale 
  • French accent 
  • Clock tattoo
  • Owes Ravi some kind of debt

They both have secrets. They both can’t afford to get caught. But whether it’s a good idea or not, Ravi and Cayenne can’t resist each other. Only time will tell if that spark burns down everything in its path.

Let’s talk about Themes! 

So, I go into any book with one or two Big Ideas I want to explore, but working on this trilogy made it abundantly clear to me that “one or two” just wasn’t gonna cut it. For what looks on the surface to be a spicy supernatural romp, there’s a lot going on here.

  1. The Mortifying Ideal of Being Known (and The Value of Found Family)

Has past experiences taught you that opening yourself up to connection is a surefire way to get hurt? Oof, been there, babe. 

  1. Subverting the Chosen One Trope

I’m not a fan, personally. Destiny, fate, being chosen for a purpose instead of choosing it for yourself… eh, it’s always bugged me. Imagine what that does to do you, to your self-image, to how others perceive your worth. Doesn’t sound the healthiest, doesn’t it?

And now the Big Theme, the driving force behind Ravi and Cayenne’s story:

  1. The Transformative Nature of Love and Trauma 

Love can be as much a destructive force as it is a healing one. Be mindful of which kind of love you invite into your life.  

But without destruction, there can be no re-creation. Past pain can be harnessed to benefit you and your well-being, though it’s a long and difficult journey. 

You have no control over the trauma life gives you; it’s like being stuck at the bottom of a pit while dirt keeps getting shoveled on top of you. You don’t have any control over if it’s just spoonfuls of dirt or entire buckets, but you do have control over what you do with all that fertile soil. 

Will you let yourself be buried, or will you choose to grow? 

(There’s also a secret fourth theme that would be spoilery to reveal this early. Maybe after the second book comes out! 😉)

Get to know Ravi and Cayenne in Stolen from Tomorrow, available now for pre-order through Ninestar Press, and after April 25th anywhere you buy books. Pre-order here!

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