Brendan & the Beast

There’s no such thing as magical talking beasts. Or so Brendan thought, before he went into the woods to confront the strange man to whom his father had promised Brendan’s sister. 

The Beast has all but given up on breaking his curse, before a thoroughly unwelcome guest turns up at his door and makes him question everything he thought he knew.

But maybe love, like magic, can be found in the most unexpected of places.

Stolen from Tomorrow

When Ravi Abhiramnew, a dedicated and deeply closeted monster-hunter, meets the enigmatic time-traveling them-fatale Cayenne, he agrees to join them on a romantic island getaway despite his better judgment. Cayenne is likely the most dangerous person he’s ever met, and not just because they can control time.

As for Cayenne, they’re just in it for the fun, darling. Certainly not to repay any sort of debts their past self caused in the future, don’t be silly.

  Neither of them meant for things to get serious. And now they’re seriously deadly… 


Shards of Trust

Stay tuned for Shards of Trust, 

Book 2 of the Trust Trilogy.

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About the Author

Fox Beckman is an author with a penchant for spicy stories about swords, sorcery, and smooching. Her books feature strong, nuanced characters that interrogate the status quo and subvert expectations. A member of both the Loft Literary Center and the Author’s Guild, Fox lives in the Twin Cities with too many hobbies and a very patient spouse.

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