Brendan & the Beast

Brendan just wants to save his sister. 

Their fool of a father promised her to some “fearsome beast” in a magic castle, but since there’s no such thing as magic or talking beasts, Brendan sets off to see this strange man for himself. Surely he’ll be reasonable.

The Beast has been trapped for so long that he’s nearly given up all hope of ever undoing his curse. So when an unwelcome guest turns his life upside down, Beast can’t get rid of him soon enough. Too bad the castle has other ideas.

A spellbinding tale of wonder, wit, and slow-burn passion, Brendan & the Beast is a romantic queer fairy tale that celebrates the redeeming power of love—and more importantly, self-acceptance.

Available in ebook and paperback

“Beckman delights in this queer retelling. Fairy tale loves and romance aficionados alike will savor this surprising adaptation.”

Publishers Weekly

“The drama, whimsy, and magic of the classic fairy tale; a wonderfully deep exploration of conflict, humor, and heart.”
JT Rogers


“A delicious slow-burn romance.”
Joyfully Jay Reviews

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