Learning Curve

Hey sweet readers! If you purchased Brendan & the Beast within the first week of release, then you received Special Collector’s Edition! The edition with a few typos. 😆 Subsequent editions will not include this feature, sorry guys!

And speaking of learning curves, if you signed up for the mailing list prior to April, please sign up again just to be safe. Looks like there was a mysterious technical issue that resulted in some dropped subscriptions. Whoops! Learning sure is fun!

Actually, learning is one of my favorite things about writing a book. I often get waaaay too deep into rabbit holes while on a researching binge, but I honestly love it. Brendan & the Beast is set in Baroque Era France in a nebulously non-specific year (little tip: always give yourself some artistic wiggle room) so I learned a lot about early 1600s Europe. Fashion, architecture, politics, music, and of course, the food!

For example, blackberries, Brendan’s favorite fruit, were a delicacy that would have only been enjoyed fresh rarely by those living in Northern France, a long journey away from the warm Mediterranean climate of the South. The season for blackberries was short, and without refrigeration (or magical cupboards) the sell-by date was even shorter. Wow, I could really go for a blackberry pie right about now.

If you want to know more about any of the historical elements of my books, please do let me know! I love the chance to geek out with fellow nerds. 🤓

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