Big News!

While Brendan and the Beast is still in the works (I SWEAR IT IS, BABES), I have some exciting news! 

The first of a new trilogy, tentatively titled Stolen from Tomorrow, has been signed by NineStar Press for publication. NineStar is an LGBTQA owned publisher of fine queer fiction, which in my humble opinion we can never get enough of.  I’m thrilled beyond words to embark on this journey with NineStar, and can’t wait to share more about this book in the future, as well as the trilogy that has utterly taken over my life for the last few years. Hope you like monsters, time travel shenanigans, smooching, and explorations into deep-set personal trauma! A FUN ROMP!

Meanwhile, editor revisions are taking place on B&B, getting it polished up into the shiniest gem it can possibly be. If there are any further updates, you’ll be the first to know. Actually, Twitter will probably be the first to know, so be sure to check those socials at the bottom of the page. Take care, babes. 

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